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Dr. MD Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan

Are you searching for the best infertility specialist in Dhaka? Begin your fertility journey with Dr. MD Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan. Your path to parenthood starts here. Open the door to possibilities and take the first step toward building your family.

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Meet Dhaka Top Infertility Specialist

Dr. MD Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan

Meet Dhaka’s Premier Infertility Specialist: Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan.

With 13 years of expertise in Clinical Embryology and IVF technology, Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan stands as the leading infertility specialist in Dhaka. He holds the prestigious ESHRE certification, making him Bangladesh’s sole certified clinical embryologist.

As the Consultant and Managing Director of Bangladesh Fertility Hospital Ltd, Dr. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan earned his Masters in Clinical Embryology from the University of Leeds, UK. In 2019, he passed the esteemed ESHRE embryologist exam in Vienna. His educational journey began with an MBBS degree from Khulna Medical College under the University of Rajshahi.

Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan excels as an IVF expert in Dhaka, offering a wide range of infertility treatments, including IVF, IUI, ICSI, PESA, TESA, PGD, and Embryo Biopsy. He specializes in Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) for recurrent IVF failures, successfully introducing this cutting-edge technology to Bangladesh.

Additionally, he serves as a part-time consultant at Evercare Hospital Dhaka and is an active member of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

For the best infertility care in Dhaka, Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan is your top choice.

100+ IVF Success Stories of Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan

Embark on a journey through 100+ heartwarming IVF success stories crafted by the expertise of Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan, a beacon of hope for couples grappling with infertility. 

As a seasoned infertility specialist, Dr. Bhuiyan has been instrumental in turning the dreams of countless couples into joyful realities. His commitment to personalized care and utilization of advanced techniques has established him as a trailblazer in the field of assisted reproductive technology.

These success stories intricately weave tales of resilience, triumph, and the transformative power of Dr. Bhuiyan’s compassionate and skillful approach to parenthood. Each narrative unfolds a unique set of challenges overcome with determination, illustrating the unwavering support and guidance provided by Dr. Bhuiyan throughout the intricate IVF process.

Within this collection, you’ll find a vibrant community of fulfilled families, united by their shared trust in Dr. Bhuiyan’s ability to navigate the complexities of fertility treatment. 

From the initial consultation to the moment when a long-awaited positive pregnancy test finally arrives, these stories exemplify the profound impact of Dr. Bhuiyan’s expertise on the lives of those yearning for the joys of parenthood.

Your path to parenthood awaits its own success story within this tapestry of hope and achievement, as you join the ranks of those who have entrusted their fertility aspirations to the capable hands of Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan.

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Why Dr. MD Rafiqul islam is Top Rated Infertility Specialist in Bangladesh

  • 13 Years Expertise: Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan brings 13+ years of expertise in Clinical Embryology and IVF technology, ensuring exceptional patient outcomes.
  • Global Education: Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan holds a prestigious Masters in Clinical Embryology from the University of Leeds, UK, enriching his global perspective and expertise in infertility treatment.
  • ESHRE Certified: Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan is Bangladesh’s sole ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology) certified clinical embryologist, showcasing his unparalleled expertise and dedication to staying at the forefront of reproductive medicine
  • Diverse Treatment Options: Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan excels in diverse infertility treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI, PESA, TESA, PGD, and Embryo Biopsy. This versatility ensures personalized care, enhancing success prospects for each patient
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Why Choose Dr Md Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan for Infertility Treatment

Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan is Bangladesh’s top-rated infertility specialist, known for expertise and unwavering patient care. With a proven track record and compassionate approach, he’s earned trust, solidifying his position in reproductive medicine.


  • Expertise: Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan is a highly experienced infertility specialist with a proven track record in reproductive medicine.
  • Cutting-edge Techniques: Benefit from the latest advancements in infertility treatment, including IVF, IUI, ICSI, PESA, TESA, PGD, and Embryo Biopsy under the care of Dr. Bhuiyan.
  • Personalized Care: Dr. Bhuiyan is dedicated to providing individualized care, crafting treatment plans to suit the unique needs of each patient and couple.
  • Success Stories: Witness numerous success stories that showcase Dr. Bhuiyan’s proficiency in helping couples overcome fertility challenges and fulfill their dream of parenthood.
  • Compassionate Approach: Experience a supportive and compassionate approach to infertility treatment, as Dr. Bhuiyan guides patients through their fertility journey with empathy and understanding.
  • Patient Trust: Dr. Bhuiyan has earned the trust of many families who achieved their dream of having a child through his expert guidance and comprehensive fertility services.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Receive treatment in a modern facility equipped with the latest technology, ensuring the highest standards of care and safety.
  • Holistic Approach: Dr. Bhuiyan adopts a holistic approach to infertility treatment, addressing physical, emotional, and psychological aspects to enhance the overall well-being of his patients.
  • Dedication to Parenthood: Choose Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan as your dedicated partner on the journey to parenthood, where every effort is made to turn your dreams into a beautiful reality.

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What fertility services do you receive from Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization):

Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan offers advanced IVF procedures, where eggs and sperm are combined outside the body and then implanted in the uterus, increasing the chances of conception.

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination):

Providing IUI services, Dr. Bhuiyan facilitates the placement of sperm directly into the uterus during the woman’s fertile window, optimizing the chances of successful fertilization.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection):

With ICSI, Dr. Bhuiyan injects a single sperm directly into an egg, an effective method for overcoming male infertility issues.

PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration):

Offering PESA, a procedure to retrieve sperm directly from the epididymis, assisting couples with male infertility challenges.

TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration):

Dr. Bhuiyan provides TESA, a technique to retrieve sperm directly from the testicles, particularly beneficial for men with obstructive azoospermia.

ERA Treatment:

Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan specializes in Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) treatment, a personalized approach to assess the optimal window for embryo implantation, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Sperm Freezing:

Offering sperm freezing services, Dr. Bhuiyan ensures the preservation of sperm samples for future use, a valuable option for individuals undergoing medical treatments or planning fertility procedures.

Embryo Freezing:

Dr. Bhuiyan provides advanced embryo freezing techniques, allowing the preservation of viable embryos for later use, providing flexibility and options for future fertility treatments.

Achievement of Dr MD Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan

Renowned Infertility Specialist:

Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan is widely recognized as a leading infertility specialist, with a stellar reputation in the field of reproductive medicine.

Successful Treatment Outcomes:

Demonstrating a remarkable track record, Dr. Bhuiyan has achieved numerous successful treatment outcomes, helping couples overcome fertility challenges and realize their dreams of parenthood.

Patient Trust and Satisfaction:

Dr. Bhuiyan has earned the trust and satisfaction of patients through his compassionate care, personalized treatment plans, and dedication to achieving positive results.

Leadership in Reproductive Medicine:

With a commitment to excellence, Dr. Bhuiyan has emerged as a leader in reproductive medicine, contributing to advancements in infertility treatment and care.

Recognition for Contributions:

Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan has received recognition and accolades for his significant contributions to the field of infertility treatment, showcasing his expertise and impact in the medical community.

How We Do The Process for infertility Treatment

Comprehensive Consultation: Begin with a detailed consultation with Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan, where your medical history and fertility concerns are thoroughly discussed to tailor a personalized treatment plan.


Diagnostic Testing: Undergo specialized diagnostic tests, including hormonal assessments, imaging studies, and genetic screenings, to identify underlying factors contributing to infertility and inform the treatment approach.


Tailored Treatment Plan: Based on the diagnostic results, Dr. Bhuiyan crafts a customized treatment plan, which may include options such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, or other advanced reproductive techniques, addressing your specific needs.


Procedure Execution: Implement the chosen fertility procedure with precision and care, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and technology to optimize the chances of conception.


Ongoing Support and Follow-Up: Experience continuous support from Dr. Bhuiyan and the medical team throughout the treatment process, with regular follow-up appointments to monitor progress, adjust the plan as needed, and provide emotional support.


Clients Love


md tarek ahmed
md tarek ahmed
Effective, honestly committed, empathetic, and self-assured describe Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan.
He works really well, Dr. At any time, being amiable is quite helpful.
md sohel
md sohel
Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan is a very helpful and skilled physician. Our desire has come true thanks to God's favor and Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam's assistance. Once more, many thanks to Dr. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan.
Rajdwip Roy Akash
Rajdwip Roy Akash
Effective infertility specialist in & around Dhaka..leading successful doctor for couples expecting baby beyond inability to conceive.
Hasibul Hasan
Hasibul Hasan
Thank you so much sir for you care.we are very happy

Most Asking Question about infertility Treatment

What Is The Success Rate Of IVF In Bangladesh?

The success rate of IVF in Bangladesh varies based on individual factors such as age, reproductive health, and specific circumstances. Generally, IVF success rates in the country have been increasing with advancements in medical technology. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan, a leading infertility specialist, can provide personalized insights based on your unique situation. Factors such as clinic expertise, patient compliance, and treatment protocols also contribute to the overall success. It’s crucial to consult with Dr. Bhuiyan for a comprehensive evaluation and a realistic assessment of the chances of success in your IVF journey.

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How much does IVF cost in Bangladesh?

The cost of IVF in Bangladesh can vary based on factors such as the clinic, the specific treatment plan, and additional services required. On average, IVF costs in the country range from BDT 150,000 to BDT 400,000 per cycle. Additional expenses may include medications, diagnostic tests, and other procedures. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan, an experienced infertility specialist, can provide detailed information about the specific costs associated with your personalized treatment plan. It’s recommended to consult with Dr. Bhuiyan to get a comprehensive understanding of the expenses involved in your IVF journey in Bangladesh.

Which doctor is best for infertility?

Selecting the best doctor for infertility is a subjective decision based on individual needs and preferences. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan stands out as an excellent choice, being a highly regarded infertility specialist with extensive experience and a proven track record. His commitment to personalized care, cutting-edge techniques, and compassionate approach has earned him a reputation as a top infertility doctor. Patients benefit from his expertise in IVF, IUI, ICSI, and other advanced reproductive technologies. Dr. Bhuiyan’s dedication to achieving successful outcomes and supporting patients on their parenthood journey makes him a trusted and sought-after infertility specialist.

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Which infertility treatment is best?

Determining the best infertility treatment depends on individual circumstances, and a consultation with an experienced specialist like Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan is crucial. Options such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, and others offer varying degrees of success based on factors like age, underlying causes of infertility, and medical history. Dr. Bhuiyan’s expertise allows for personalized treatment plans, tailoring the approach to each patient’s unique needs. The effectiveness of the treatment often involves a combination of factors, and a thorough evaluation by Dr. Bhuiyan will guide the selection of the most suitable and successful infertility treatment for your specific situation.

Which infertility treatment has highest success rate?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is often considered one of the infertility treatments with the highest success rates. The success of IVF depends on various factors, including age, the cause of infertility, and the overall health of the individuals involved. Advanced reproductive technologies, such as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), can further enhance success rates by addressing specific challenges. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan, a seasoned infertility specialist, can assess individual cases and recommend personalized treatment plans, ensuring the best chance of success on the journey to parenthood.

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Which is more successful, IVF or IUI?

The success of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) varies based on individual circumstances. Generally, IVF tends to have higher success rates as it involves fertilizing eggs with sperm outside the body before implantation. IVF is often recommended for more complex fertility issues. IUI, a simpler procedure, places sperm directly into the uterus during the fertile window. The choice between IVF and IUI depends on factors like the cause of infertility, age, and medical history. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan, an experienced infertility specialist, can provide personalized guidance on the most suitable treatment based on your situation.

General FAQs

The cost varies but generally ranges from BDT 150,000 to BDT 400,000 per cycle.

Success depends on age, reproductive health, and individual circumstances.

IVF often has higher success rates, especially for complex fertility issues.

A typical IVF cycle takes about 4-6 weeks from ovarian stimulation to embryo transfer.

Risks are minimal, but some may experience mild discomfort, bloating, or mood swings.

IUI success rates vary but are generally lower than IVF, depending on factors like sperm quality and fertility issues.

Sperm can be stored indefinitely with proper cryopreservation techniques.

Success can vary, and multiple cycles may be needed, depending on individual factors and responses to treatment.

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